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and a government that is at times forced to adopt costs and even conflicting policies in a complicated world. of all schools as much of the same. if you happen to be conservative and you ever want to increase your status as a minority conservative, you should hang out in cambridge massachusetts for a while. there is more anti-american is floating around in the red sox were the socks jersey's. it was in favor of the war in iraq and that was a pariah. while in law school and other interesting thing happened. in one of my summers in new york while i was out one night with friends drinking and playing a pool the topic of the politics came up, and one of my friends whose politics i was not acquainted with instructed me to get the conversation explaining how she doesn't like to talk politics with friends because they always end up offended. so i thought about that statement for the second. then i realized that in new york a few or offending people, as i sometimes tend to do, you must be republican. and thus began my political friendship s.e.. now you can find us on bookshelves throughout the count
of the national debate, but i think it's too early to make that decision. >> host: government bullies, second book by senator rand paul, how everyday americans are being harassed, abused and imprisoned by the feds. .. is a memoir and a history book. in the book you talk about your personal journey and you are very candid about your life, and you also cover new insights as a historian to the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr.. what prompted you to write the book this way? >> guest: well, i wanted to write something for the anniversary and this is 50 years of my life and king's legacy and my life coincides with my coming of age, so part of it was to do those two tasks. i felt that my life had been connected to the king legacy, and i felt there was something about my life that needed to be told to understand how king impacted me and how i got involved in this amazing journey of editing team newspapers. >> host: its an excellent reading and you and buy your of the same generation, and why too was coming of age in the 60's. the book i might say was bittersweet to me because i knew dr. king,
to the president, the comprehensive immigration reform and the governments are bringing their issues to the president. we are not bringing our issues. martin luther king's issue. >> guest: who is stopping us? it's one thing to say president obama is not responding but what are we doing to put the issue so that we have to respond? to me we are not using that leverage. everyone knows that it's the black vote. the latino vote but it was decisive in the last election. when, each of these groups that played a role, that's why in my view when i came here for the inauguration i said the day before the inauguration i give a speech and i said the important day is not tomorrow. we celebrate that. the important days the day after tomorrow. what are we going to do then and for a lot of people they went home and celebrated. >> host: it is a milestone. i never thought i would see a black president. so it is to be we've talked a great deal about the movement and very little about you but i think we are getting to know you're here in your comments. you ended dr. king's papers. there are several peep
, teachers, government workers. we're not saying we want that. we're saying let's take theirs. >> we have, now, this personal finance industry complex allegedly seeking to help us with all of the complexity, and as you point out in the book, the help is dubious at best. you introduced the standard terms like fiduciary standards and how important it is to understand the term, but few do. explain what it means, why it's important, and what you need to know what it means before talking to a financial professional. >> guest: anywhere between two-thirds of us or 90% of us have no clue. the fiduciary standard is the idea that somebody who is giving you financial advice is going to act in your best interest. in fact, the vast ma senior i of people who call themselves advisers are really salesmen who have a duty to adhere to the suitability standard, simply that it's good enough is the best way to describe it. the way i like to describe is it to say you're going to a store, you buy a suit. if you go to the store, they sell you the suit urn the fiduciary standard, that suit has to pit well, the co
stocks to select which is no enron but it's absolutely true the government didn't a bailout enron. cnbc is legitimate. they are that financially savvy, no matter what they say. and so they come to the show and it looks great. of thing is of course these people are persuasive. people -- nobody is walking around outside the saying don't trust the word i'm saying. and these people tell me this is what they believe and they are bred to try these products and see what happens. i spoke to people, i spoke to one person that never forgot this she told me that he lost a couple hundred thousand dollars. what lessons did you take from that? he said the orders and you don't know what to say at a certain point. i was imagining his children at home resting their hair out or something. >> host: it means biggest drop precipitously it's not going to be put to protect them? >> guest: it's one thing i will never forget what order the 2 percent on your bank in 2010 or 2011 you can get 30% a year. >> host: people lose then so what do they need to sell houses >> guest: [inaudible] when you deal with the peop
the last people who have them like the teachers, autoworkers and government workers. not we want that but take there's. >> host: we have a personal finance industry complex allegedly helping to help us and that help is dubious at best. to fight these fiduciary standard to understand what that means and why is it important and why should you know, what it means before talking to a professional? >> in retain two-thirds and 90 percent of us have no clue what it means. it is the idea someone who is giving a financial advice will act in your best interest in fact, the vast majority are really salesman who have to adhere to the suitability standard but the way i like to describe it is to say you go to a store and you are buying a suit if they sell it to and to the fiduciary standards it would have to fit really well, the caller would have to be flattering the taylor could not be expensive and be found easily and be suitable for the location. if you went to a store and the suitability standard the suit could be okay, the taylor could be across town and the most expensive and it might j
reform. other governments are bring their issues to our president. we are not bringing our issues. martin took his issue to -- >> guest: who is stopping them? it's one thing to say, president obama is not responding. >> host: but what are we doing? >> guest: what are we doing to put the issue so that he has to respond? and to me, if you're not using that leverage, everyone knows that the black vote, latino vote, that it was decisive in the last election, women. each of these groups who played a role in electing him, that's why, in my view, when i came there for the inauguration, i said, and the day before the inauguration i did a speech to the morehouse alums who came, and i said the important date is not tomorrow. we celebrate that is the important date is the day after tomorrow. what are we going to do them? and for a lot of people -- >> host: celebrate it. >> guest: for the next four years. >> host: it is a milestone i never thought in my lifetime i was a black president. we talked a great deal about -- very little about you but i think we're getting to know you here in your comments.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7